Statement of Purpose

The Iowa Events Center is the premier convention and live entertainment facility in the Midwest, combining state-of-the-art facilities with a professional, energetic staff that works hard to execute successful events and lifelong memories to all. Hosting events that range from family shows to concerts, sporting events to trade shows and conventions, the Iowa Events Center serves an integral role in boosting tourism and economic impact to hotels, restaurants, and retail in Polk County.

OVG360 provides venue management, hospitality, and global partnerships expertise at the Iowa Events Center.

OVG360, a division of the Oak View Group, is a full-service venue management and event programming company built on the foundation of truly putting our clients first. OVG360 has one simple goal—to provide venues with customized services that produce results. Our approach to operating and booking venues is unparalleled, maintaining a focus on booking and creating premium content that promises to deliver a unique guest experience.

Under the direction of our client, Polk County, OVG360 is committed to being a civic leader in the Greater Des Moines area by providing a first-class operation of the Iowa Events Center and by being active community partners with area businesses, not-for-profits, and community groups. The local team recognizes that the most efficient way to do this is by taking an active leadership role within community organizations, operating the Iowa Events Center with a fiscal-savvy approach, and by providing clean, safe facilities with exceptional customer service.

Message from

I am proud to present our Iowa Events Center FY-2022 Annual Report. FY-2022 proved to be another challenging one as we continued to navigate our business through the effects of the pandemic. I cannot say enough good things about our entire Iowa Events Center staff as they continued to operate at such a high level and ultimately got our venue management business back on track!  

We completed the year showing an overall record profit of $3,444,138 to Polk County! The Iowa Events Center (Wells Fargo Arena, Hy-Vee Hall and Community Choice Convention Center) hosted 372 total events attracting just over 1 million customers from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. Our staff did a tremendous job in being able to perform while largely understaffed for the first quarter of the fiscal year while also carefully managing our operating expenses. In addition to our financial success, event organizers who booked their meetings, conventions, and trade shows at the Iowa Events Center once again provided Oak View Group (OVG360) with high marks through Customer Satisfaction Surveys, averaging a 4.86 out of 5.

FY-2022 proved to be incredibly rewarding as we were finally able to welcome back a steady stream of truly impressive live entertainers to Wells Fargo Arena while also being able to start hosting our large conventions, conferences, and trade shows in the convention center. And, thanks to our outstanding relationships with both Catch Des Moines and the attached Hilton Des Moines Downtown, we were able to attract several new large events to the Iowa Events Center. However, none of this would have been possible without such a dedicated and loyal Iowa Events Center staff who persevered and thrived through some extremely tough times!  

Lastly, I would like to give a huge thank you to the Polk County Board of Supervisors and their staff for their constant support, leadership, and guidance! Thanks, Polk County, for making this year one of our best at the Iowa Events Center!
Catch Des Moines (the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau) markets the Greater Des Moines region to convention and event organizations. These organizations generate significant room nights for the Greater Des Moines community, and provide substantial economic impact for local businesses, particularly those that meet the needs of travelers.

Every opportunity to bring events and conventions to Greater Des Moines is an opportunity to grow our local economy. The Iowa Events Center facility and team helps make a positive impact on the entire community through joint efforts to book and host events and meetings.

Together, our teams sell Greater Des Moines as a top destination and with the Community Choice Convention Center, Hy-Vee Hall, Wells Fargo Arena and the attached Hilton Des Moines Downtown. In the past year we’ve been able to host 85 events at the Iowa Events Center that collectively generated more than $26 million in economic impact to the Greater Des Moines region.

Catch Des Moines worked to book meetings and events for the future, and over the course of the fiscal year, booked 46 events to be held at the Iowa Events Center. A sample of these events include:
• All Iowa Attack Basketball (July 2022 – multi-weekend with 3,500+ attendees each weekend)
American Quilter’s Society (September 2022 & 2023 – 15,600 attendees)
National Frame Building Association’s 2024 Annual Expo (March 2024 – 2,000 attendees)
American Society of Civil Engineers (March 2024 – 700 attendees)
United States Custom Harvesters (January 2025 – 1,000 attendees)

Each event and room night brings visitor dollars into Greater Des Moines, supporting local businesses like hotels, restaurants, attractions, retail, and more. The Iowa Events Center and Catch Des Moines’ partnership is important as we strive to keep demand throughout the city high and generate economic impact for our local economy.

Our collaboration with Oak View Group and the Iowa Events Center team has proven to be invaluable. We are proud to have the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines!
Dear Oak View Group and community partners,

Polk County is proud to have Oak View Group professionally manage the Iowa Events Center facilities in Des Moines, Iowa, which includes Wells Fargo Arena, Hy-Vee Hall, and Community Choice Convention Center at Veterans Memorial Hall. Because of OVG’s dedication to exceptional services, we were able to navigate the challenges of the COVID pandemic successfully and are working together towards a very meaningful recovery.

We look forward to a year of returning to concerts, weddings, athletic events, trade shows, and more. Our past experience tells us that OVG’s management and expertise in the operation of these facilities assure us that those who visit the Iowa Events Center receive excellent service and the highest quality experience.

OVG is a proven leader in the event and entertainment industry. As such, they continue to bring top quality entertainment acts, exhibitions, and regional and national conferences and events to our community and state. Their management of these facilities contributes to a quality of life in Central Iowa that is recognized across the country. The partnership between Polk County and OVG continues to be a valued asset for Polk County taxpayers.



+ • Chris Connolly—General Manager
+ • Carrie Jackson—AGM, Director of Sales
• Jack Ligon—AGM, Arena
+ < Derek Hickey—District General Manager
< Jeff Maynes—AGM, Director of Catering
< Brett Slaby—AGM, Food Services & Hospitality


+ • Carrie Jackson—AGM, Director of Sales
Jessica Van Sloten—Senior Sales Manager
Cathy Murray
• Carrie Petersen
• Morgan Tjarks
• Courtney Vitale


• Haleigh Biancalana—Director of Events
Yarelis Calderon
• Matt Cushman
• Natalia Espinosa
• Madison Green
• Lyndsey Lomelino
• Zach Lough
• Robbin Morton
• Jimmy Strysick


• Diane Frischmeyer—Director of Finance
Andrew Dobraska
• Lisa Givens
• Jose Perez


+ • Adam Flack—Regional Marketing Director
Morgen Kuennen
• Gage Schuling
• Elly Simpson
• Adam Stevens
• Lucas Thul


+ • Laurie Kemmit—Regional VP of Partnerships
Jason Evans
• Kayla Scofield


+ • Jake Reichling
• Tommy Hoffman


• Jason Smith—Director of Operations
Harold Peterson
• Alex Abrahamson
• Dennis Ashby
• Jim Bacon
• Marlon Ballentine
• Leah Beery
• Steve Carlson
• Glenn Coady
• Gary Colby Jr.
• Brian Cooper
• Kyle Disney
• Ron Field
• Forrest Fisher
• Steve Frantz
• Mark Gamble
• Nate Goolsby
• Tom Hines
• AJ Johnson
• Jeff Kling
• Alan Krajewski
• Jeff Lindquist
• Payton Miller
• Meghan Peterson
• Mike Stanley


+ < Derek Hickey—District General Manager
Brett Slaby—AGM, Food Services & Hospitality
Jeff Maynes—AGM, Director of Catering
Chad Vander Ploeg—Executive Chef
Jonathan Cook—Executive Sous Chef
Calli Crew—Senior Catering Sales Manager
Andrea Acebey
< Ali Brackett
< Olivia Bishop
< Keegan Byrum
< Dave Farlow
< Jennifer Gaesser
< Katelyn Gorrell
< Brandon Higgs-Burow
< Kim Hull
< Melanie Leach
< Jade Masolini
< Daniel Minnie
< Kailie Morrow
< Raul Murillo
< Makenzie Schurk
< Adam Shepard
< Michael Staley
< Deb Stewart
< Lindsey Upchurch
< Derrick Wallace

• OVG360           < OVG Hospitality           + Regional

Facility Projects

Hy-Vee Hall Roof Replacement

The 15-year-old roof had many leaks and was quickly deteriorating. The entire roof was replaced in late spring by Hopkins Roofing.

Chiller #3 Adjustable frequency drive

The Adjustable Frequency Drive (AFD) on Chiller #3 was failing and no longer supported by the manufacturer. By replacing the AFD, the efficiency of the chilled water system increased, and by changing the speed of the motor, our energy consumption decreased.

Parking Shack Replacement

The parking shacks were rusting away, and the heating/cooling units were failing. We replaced three out of five parking shacks, and we will replace the final two in the coming years to help our parking staff stay comfortable in the varying weather conditions.

Landscaping Upgrades

We upgraded many areas around our facility and resolved erosion issues on the south side of Wells Fargo Arena. We will continue adding new plants, trees, and grass around the facility.

Replaced Two Exterior Drains

We replaced two collapsed drains due to heavy traffic in areas on the east side of Community Choice Convention Center and the Wells Fargo Arena loading dock.

Wells Fargo Arena - VIP Lobby

The Wells Fargo Arena VIP Lobby upgraded to include large help desk, cabinets to store equipment and coats, lighting, and a large storage area underneath the stairs.  

Training Room - Tournament Locker Room

We replaced the worn out tiles with new carpet.

GBAC Certification

GBAC STAR facilities demonstrate that a comprehensive program is in place supporting health, wellness, and resilience.

GBAC STAR is the gold standard of healthy and resilient facilities. Not only are GBAC STAR-accredited facilities equipped and ready for what’s next, they’re also able to adapt quickly and withstand challenges.

An accredited facility is committed to having:

• An established and sustained cleaning program to enhance occupant health

• The proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques, and work practices in place to nurture occupant health and meet any biosafety challenges.

• Knowledgeable cleaning professionals who are trained to uphold the highest standards of cleaning and building maintenance.

Green initiatives


22 tons


4 tons

metal/electronics recycled

40 tons

paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum recycled

66 tons

materials diverted from landfills


of all waste recycled/composted

Year Cost Outlay Rebate Estimated Utility Savings Actual Utility Savings Estimated Net Cashflow Actual Net Cashflow Estimated Cumulative Cashflow Actual Cumulative Cashflow
0 ($260,230) $169,705 $ - $ - ($90,525) ($90,525) ($90,525) ($90,525)
1 ($155,080) $45,675 $154,062 $169,454 $44,657 $60,049 ($45,868) ($45,868)
2 $ - $ - $191,085 $56,011 $191,085 $56,011 $145,217 $145,217
3 $ - $ - $196,818 $163,733 $196,818 $163,733 $342,035 $189,268
4 $ - $ - $202,722 $94,180 $202,722 $94,180 $544,757 $283,448
5 $ - $ - $208,804 $46,428 $208,804 $46,428 $753,560 $329,876
6 $ - $ - $215,068 $215,068 $215,068 $215,068 $968,628 $544,944
7 $ - $ - $221,520 $221,520 $221,520 $221,520 $1,190,148 $766,464
8 $ - $ - $228,165 $228,165 $228,165 $228,165 $1,418,314 $994,629
9 $ - $ - $235,010 $235,010 $235,010 $235,010 $1,653,324 $1,229,640
10 $ - $ - $242,061 $242,061 $242,061 $242,061 $1,895,385 $1,471,700


– The Food Rescue program helps feed 50-75 families every Wednesday at Revival Center Church and an additional 10-15 families with take home meals. Revival Center Church also shared the food they pick up from the Iowa Events Center with a number of other churches/community centers in the Des Moines area, depending on the size of the food pickup.

– Over 43,000 pounds of food and organics waste diverted through our partnership with GreenRU. Serving Greater Iowa, GreenRU creates customized recycling programs of organics and food scraps for local restaurants, businesses, schools, universities, and other organizations. GreenRU provides an easy way to keep the food scraps and other organics out of area landfills and turns them into a rich compost for use on farmland, landscaping, sports turf, and other land applications. 

hy-vee hall & community choice convention center









The Convention Center had a record-breaking year, finishing at $1,379,630 in the black. Several factors contributed to this success including Convention and Visitors Bureau bookings, groups that shifted dates during the COVID pandemic, and short-term business that moved to us due to COVID restrictions in other states.

Level 1: Meeting Room Level

· Eight flexible meeting rooms

· Connected to Iowa Hall of Pride

Level 2: exhibition level

· Hall A, B and C: 150,00 sq. ft. connected

· 24,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space

· 11 loading bays

· Business Center

· Drive-on access

Level 3: Meeting Room Level

· 21 flexible meeting rooms

· 23,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space

· Eight HD projectors displaying images and video on Grand Concourse air walls

· Veterans Memorial Hall (a museum quality exhibit paying tribute to Iowa Veterans who have served the United States during each international conflict since Iowa’s statehood in 1846)

mezzanine level

· Four boardrooms

· Views of Grand Concourse and Veterans Memorial Hall

level 4: ballroom Level

· State’s largest ballroom (28,000 sq. ft)

· 1 million lighting combinations

· 14,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space

· Two meeting rooms

· Two green rooms


· Networked for Wi-Fi

· Audio & Visual Services by preferred vendor, Markey’s Rental & Staging

· Catering offered exclusively by OVG Hospitality & Services

Techhub live
(attendance: 500; Hotel Rooms: 1,200)

TechHub Live, a national event, came to the Iowa Events Center for the first time in July 2021 and has since rebooked for 2023 with the potential for this to become an annual event for the Iowa Events Center.

Fuel ethanol workshop & expo
(Attendance: 1,000; hotel rooms: 1,904)

The Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo came from Minneapolis to the Iowa Events Center because of the COVID pandemic. It is the largest and longest-running ethanol conference in the world with nearly 300 vendors in attendance. As a result of hosting this event, we booked the National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo for its inaugural year.

US grain councils
(Attendance: 275; Hotel Rooms: 900)

This was US Grain’s first in-person event since the start of the COVID pandemic, first time booking with a convention center to practice social distancing, and our first live and interactive virtual event because of the COVID pandemic.

Client feedback: ”This was our first convention center meeting—we used it for the space to social distance where we can and it was better than asked for. As a staff we were happy. Zach and Andrea were incredible. Thank you!”.

USA/Canada Lions Leadership forum
(hotel rooms: 4,500)

The Lions Club is the world’s largest service club with clubs in nearly every community. With guests coming from the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa, the forum took place for two and a half days and included leadership, friendship, and service.

usa gymnastics championships
(attendance: 4,000; hotel rooms: 4,019)

With more than 1,500 athletes across acrobats, rhythmic, and T&T disciplines competing, the performances at the USA Gymnastics Championships determined the composition of the U.S. National Team. The event also served as the final of three T&T competitions used for international selection in 2022.

Wells Fargo Arena


- 17,000-seat capacity arena
- Home to the Iowa Barnstormers, Iowa Wild, and Iowa Wolves
- 360° curtain system along with a half-house curtain 


- Coors Light Club Lounge
- 630 Club Seats
- 20 Loge Boxes 

39 newly remodeled luxury suites
- Ketel One Bar in the Willis Auto Lounge
- Templeton Distillery at The Fort
- The Loft — arena bowl premium rental space 

Press Box seating
- Hall of Fame Suite 


The Wells Fargo Arena Hall of Fame Room was recently updated with a new coat of paint and new photographs for our concert and sports wall.

The Wells Fargo Arena VIP Lobby upgraded to include large help desk, cabinets to store equipment and coats, lighting, and a large storage area underneath the stairs.  some text inside of a div block.


eric church "The gather again tour"
— february 12, 2022

15,900 attendance in the round.

Total Food & Beverage revenue of $436,567 ($27.26 per cap).

monster jam — april 9–10, 2022

Ticket Sales record of over 20,000 tickets sold for three shows.

First time surpassing $500,000 in gross ticket sales for a three show run. (2021 was slightly higher over 5 shows.)

morgan wallen "the dangerous tour"
— april 29, 2022

Special guests Larry Fleet and Ernest.

Sold out crowd of 13,593 and a gross ticket sales of over $2.1 million.

$25.11 per cap for Food & Beverage.

dave chappelle "untitled" documentary screening — november 9, 2021

1 of 10 stops on the screening tour.

Joined by fellow comedians Jeff Ross and Earthquake as well as other artists, DJ Trauma and Freddie Gibbs.

Crowd of 6,000

MONSTER JAM — APRIL 9-10, 2022

Ticket Sales record of over 20,000 tickets sold for three shows

First time surpassing $500,000 in gross ticket sales for a three show run (2021 was slightly higher over 5 shows) 

elton john "farewell yellow brick road tour" — march 26, 2022

Originally scheduled for 2020, rescheduled due to pandemic.

Sold out 13,907 plus a full premium level.

Hosted the show one day after his 75th Birthday.

community love music foundation job and volunteer fair — may 11, 2022

Community Love Music Foundation (CLMF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to support venues, artists and organizations that bring local music into our community, hosted the Community Love Music Foundation Job and Volunteer Fair in The Fort.

Vendors included Iowa Events Center, Markey’s AV & Staging, Des Moines Music Coalition, Hoyt Sherman Place, CSC, IATSE67, and Des Moines Performing Arts.

Community Love Music Foundation was started by Haleigh Biancalana, the Director of Events at the Iowa Events Center. Joining her on the board are current IEC Premium Seating Manager Jason Evans and current ASM Global Marketing Manager (former IEC Marketing Manager) Viki Arias-Kepler.

disney on ice presents mickeys search party — november 24–28, 2021

Ticket sales record of over 36,000 paid tickets for more than $1.1 million gross sales.

After doing two weeks in 2020, this show moved back to the traditional one-week playdate the week of Thanksgiving with 9 total performances.

Tenant teams



32-31-4-5 (73 Points) Overall Record
17-14-2-3 (39 Points) Home Record

Season in Review
Head Coach Tim Army earned his
100th win as the Wild Head coach
during the season.

— Eight Iowa Wild players made their
NHL debut in the 2021–2022 season, including Adam Beckman, Matt Boldy, Mitchell Chaffee, Connor Dewar,
Brandon Duhaime, Jon Lizotte,
Marco Rossi and Mason Shaw.

— Rossi broke the record for most points scored by a rookie in Iowa Wild History, scoring 53 points in 63 games.

— 130 total transactions involving Iowa Wild players in the regular season.

— Wild Forward Cody McLeod played in his 1,000th professional game.

— Kyle Rau became the all-time leading point scorer in Iowa Wild history at the end of the season.

— Goaltender Zane McIntyre was named AHL Player of the week for the period ending April 10, 2022.

Dakota Mermis
• Winner of the Yanick Dupré Memorial Award, which is selected from the 31 team winners of the IOA/American Specialty AHL Person of the Year award, traditionally acknowledging a player for his outstanding contributions to his local community.


9-8 Overall Record
6-2 Home Record

New Coaches
Iowa Barnstormers name Dave Mogensen as Head Coach, who previously served as the Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel for the Albany Empire of the National Arena League (NAL) throughout the 2021 season, winning the NAL championship.

— Iowa Barnstormers have named former Indianapolis Colts safety, Jermaine Hampton, as their Defensive Coordinator.

2022 All-Second Team
• Special Teams: Kicker - Gabriel Rui
Rui hit 20-of 43 field goals on the season (2nd) for a 46.5% success rate.

— 2022 All-Rookie Team
• Running Back – Antonio Wimbush
In his rookie campaign, Wimbush averaged 4.2 yards per carry for a total 629 yards and 19 touchdowns.

• Defensive Back – JR Stevens
Stevens proved to be a star on the Iowa defense. He racked up a total of 13 passes defended (8th) and six interceptions (3rd) during the season.

The Barnstormers enter Round 1 of the 2022 IFL Playoffs with a 9-7 record and as a fourth seed.


22-23 Overall Record
12-9 Home Record

Season in Review
2021-22 Iowa Wolves players who also played in the NBA in 2021–22:

— Leandro Bolmaro
(Minnesota Timberwolves)

— Nathan Knight
(Minnesota Timberwolves)

— Chris Silva
(Minnesota Timberwolves/Miami Heat)

— McKinley Wright IV
(Minnesota Timberwolves)

As an organization we participated in Girls on the Run 5K at the Capital, Capital City Pride Festival and Parade, and helped with the remodel of the new Grubb YMCA Teen Center.

— Had a season-high 4,821 fans in attendance for our season finale on April 1.

— Hosted three Hoops and Hops events with multiple local breweries.

— Offered a season-long promotion for a hot dog and soda birthday value ticket.

OVG Global partnerships

Develops, implements, and manages the sale of key revenue sources throughout the Iowa Events Center including, but not limited to Premium Seating, naming rights, venue advertising, event sponsorships, and other venue rights.

By the Numbers:
— Combined ad sales and premium seating gross sales: $5,890,612 (113% of goal).
     • Advertising partnerships – $1,350,903 revenue (103% of goal).
     • Record breaking revenues in all four areas of premium seating.
         > Suite Revenue – $2,262,628
         > Loge Box Revenue – $477,515
         > Club Seat Revenue – $1,110,270
         > Suite Rental Event Revenue – $602,468

— Six new advertising partners totaling $84,500 in revenue.

— Event sponsorships: $16,000.

— Current lease capacities:
     • Suites – 100%
     • Loge Boxes – 100%
     • Club Seats – 84%

— New Suite Level naming rights agreement with Prairie Meadows.

— Renewed eight key partnerships.

— Signed 17 new partnerships

“Working with the team at Wells Fargo Arena has been such a great experience for us – even throughout COVID. We know that we can always trust them to do their best to meet our marketing goals through our partnership even when faced with some difficult circumstances. The team is easy to work with, responsive to requests and present fun, new ideas for us when we are looking at new marketing options.”
 -Jennifer Ellis, UnityPoint DSM 

“The crew at the Iowa Events Center has been a trusted partner for over 10 years. The team is consistently finding innovative ways to position our clients in front of their concert goers. In addition to being creative, the team is always hustling. This was no better exemplified then when attending a concert at the arena in January 2022, I saw a member of the executive leadership team delivering food to a suite. In that moment, it wasn’t about title or ego, it was about doing what needs to be done to help the overall organization and serve their clients. And it made me very proud to call them a partner.”
 -Jeff Klein, Choice Creative Solutions 


Chris Connolly
- Catch Des Moines Board of Directors
- Catch Des Moines Sports Advisory Committee and the Greater Des Moines Committee (Partnership) 

Haleigh Biancalana 
- Founded the Community Love Music Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization 

Matt Cushman
- IAVM Venue Management School (attended first year) 

Natalia Espinosa
- Des Moines Arts Festival (Stage Manager for Roots Stage) 

Jason Evans
- PAR Breakfast Club, Professionals 4 Charity
- Ronald McDonald House – Board of Directors, Gala Chair and Ambassador Committee
- Lutheran Church of Hope – Worship Leader
- Community Love Music Foundation – Founding Member
- Professionals 4 Charity – Member 

Kayla Scofield 
- Ankeny Chamber of Commerce networking event
- Carlisle Chamber of Commerce networking event
- Greater Des Moines Partnership 2022 Annual Dinner with Mia Hamm
- Choice Creative Solutions Holiday Party 2022 

Jason Smith
- Waukee YMCA Advisory Board 

Adam Stevens
- Ankeny Chamber of Commerce 

- Department Attended Event & Arena Marketing Conference in Minneapolis, MN

social media

Top Wells Fargo Arena Instagram Post:

Top Iowa Events Center LinkedIn Post:

Top Iowa Events Center Facebook Post:

Top Wells Fargo Arena Facebook Post:

Top Iowa Events Center Twitter Post:

Top Iowa Events Center Instagram Post:

Social Media: 111,678

Text Club: 3,281

Cyber Club Email List: 247,910

Iowa Events Center Facebook: 44,689 
(1,093 followers gained) 

Iowa Events Center Instagram: 5,141 
(321 followers gained)

Iowa Events Center Twitter: 17,076
(205 followers gained)

Iowa Events Center LinkedIn: 532
(108 followers gained)

Wells Fargo Arena Facebook: 35,580
(5,495 followers gained)

Wells Fargo Arena Instagram: 5,589
(672 followers gained) 

Financial Performance

July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022

NUMBER OF EVENTS 130 124 6 242 223 19
ATTENDANCE 560,625 710,070 149,445 279,013 341,702 62,689
NET RENTAL INCOME $1,364,228 $1,569,718 $205,490 $2,193,602 $1,770,905 $422,697
NET SERVICE INCOME (LOSS) ($ 1,891,913) ($ 1,087,648) ($ 804,265) ($204,904) ($132,188) ($72,716)
DIRECT EVENT INCOME ($527,685) ($482,070) ($1,009,755) ($1,988,698) ($1,638,717) ($349,981)
NET SURCHARGE/COMMISSION REVENUE $2,057,208 $968,560 $1,088,648 $105,364 $57,984 $47,380
NET ANCILLARY INCOME $2,815,205 $1,875,708 $939,467 $5,641,158 $4,975,975 $665,183
NET EVENT OPERATING INCOME $4,344,728 $3,326,338 $1,018,390 $7,735,220 $6,672,676 $1,062,544
TOTAL INDIRECT EXPENSES $4,536,849 $4,878,295 $341,446 $7,144,676 $7,878,329 $733,653
OTHER INCOME $3,499,680 $3,246,876 $252,804 $789,086 $411,500 $377,586
NET BUILDING OPERATING INCOME/(LOSS) $3,307,559 $1,694,919 $1,612,640 $1,379,630 ($794,153) $2,173,783

Market Segment

wells fargo arena

There were 18 concerts held in FY-2022.

The Sports category included 36 Iowa Wild games, 21 Iowa Wolves games, 11 Barnstormers games, and 15 High School Sports which included State Wrestling, State Girls Basketball, State Boys Basketball, and AAU Wrestling.

Family shows included 9 Disney On Ice shows, 3 Monster Jam shows, 2 Globetrotters shows (one in July and one in March), 2 WWE shows (one in December and one in May), and 3 Rodeo shows.

We also hosted 10 Special Events which included State Dance & Drill.

Hy-vee Hall & COmmunity choice Convention Center

The Convention category accounted for 12% of our Event Mix, 27% of our gross revenues and 25% of our net income. Meetings and Special Events also contributed to our overall bottom line.

client testimonials

Working with the Iowa Event Center was an incredible experience! They have a proven process that ensures every event meets all expectations. All staff are extremely professional, courteous, and go above and beyond from the planning team, food, beverage, servers, security, cleaning, and more. All effort is put forth to ensure the best service and experience for you and your guests. Working with Catering Sales Manager, Andrea Acebey, was a flawless experience. She ensures every detail is planned out and offers best in class suggestions. Having approved vendors to work with ensures that all details meet your expectations as clients. As business owners ourselves, we could not more highly recommend the Iowa Events Center for your next event and the talent of Andrea Acebey!
Client Surveys

Clients were asked a series of questions to rate their overall event experience. The results of the survey are based on 40 responses with a combined overall score of 4.8 out of 5.

Some highlights included:

Staff Committees

Charity Committee

Number of organizations impacted by donations: 30+ 

Total value of items donated: $20,615.60 

Key internal initiatives: 

— Blanket Drive: Blankets and a cash donation delivered to Iowa Catholic Charities.

— Valentine’s Day Coloring Kits: Custom coloring pages designed by our team and delivered to local children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald House.

— Pet Supply Drive: Benefitting Aheinz57 to help support their rescued animals.

— Boys & Girls Club Needs Drive: Snacks, hygiene items and more were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa.


The Iowa Events Center had an opportunity to help grant a wish of a child in our community through Make-A-Wish Iowa. Max was able to help with the tasting for the Make-A-Wish Gala hosted in the Grand Ballroom. He was given his own custom chef’s coat by our Executive Chef Chad Vanderploeg who handed over his kitchen to him for the night. Max got to help prep the food, announce to the table what it was, and never hesitated to give his opinion on what he thought was best! The Iowa Events Center loved having Max join the tasting and enjoyed being a part of the wish granting process. 


The Employee Experience Committee consists of members of our staff who strive to enhance our employee experience while working for OVG360 at the Iowa Events Center. 

The focus for the group over the past 12 months has been on enhancing our Employee of the Month program, celebrating birthdays, and welcoming new employees to our team. 

A variety of employee touchpoints were created via happy hours, company outings, kickball, ticket giveaways, and Wednesday Lunch Club. 

An employee merch store was launched this past June and each employee was provided $100 towards their order of polos, jackets, backpacks, or other branded clothing that helps create a sense of pride for our employees in the community. Moving forward each new employee can also utilize $100 towards welcome gifts and the store will reopen quarterly for those looking to enhance their wardrobe. 

This year felt as close to normal as we could get after the last couple of years, and this committee did a great job of trying to get opportunities for our staff to mingle and meet each other in a still heavy virtual world. 

diversity, Equity, and inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee remained instrumental as part of our continued initiative to uphold our company’s mission statement of providing opportunities for our staff to engage with and learn from people of different backgrounds. We explored how to be sensitive to different perspectives and respect values that are meaningful to others. 

The committee hosted several virtual and in-person workshops. We hosted Dwight Jackson and Negus Imhotep of Urban Dreams, highlighting Black History Month. We heard from Jennifer Ulie-Wells, Executive Director of Please Pass the Love, to celebrate autism awareness and how to maximize our newly implemented sensory room. Sandy Eimers of Balance Yoga discussed ways to focus on our mental health. State Representative and Founder and CEO of Creative Visions, Ako Abdul-Samad hosted a Diversity Workshop looking at the masks we each wear, how to remove them, and how to engage in more meaningful conversations. 

Along with these events, we provided volunteer opportunities for staff to engage with the public and celebrated solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community by lighting up our arena in gratitude of the incredible and diverse patrons and staff who represent the Iowa Events Center family. 

Safety Committee

This year we resurrected our Safety Committee since the COVID pandemic and have a fresh new team with representation from operations, engineering, events, guest services, parking, sales, and hospitality. Twice a month we have a safety walk and a committee meeting.

During our monthly walks we have been able to inspect emergency egress, door operations, sidewalks, parking lots, ladders, roofs, kitchens, concessions, electrical, offices and gas storage to name a few. We have also been able to make headway with building security during non event days and create stronger operating procedures to protect our facilities and employees. Building walks have been a vital part of our committee efforts and have allowed us to make several corrections and improvements throughout the year.

Our safety meetings have been productive this past year with reviewing past incident reports to find ways to reduce and eliminate hazards within the workplace. We have also reviewed crisis management procedures, discussed cyber security, incident reporting and several other topics throughout the year. 

We also discuss and schedule various safety trainings such as active shooter, emergency response such as fire and severe weather, CPR/AED and Bleed Control, fall rescue training for our riggers and DMFD, and fire extinguisher training.

future Outlook

As OVG360 staff at the Iowa Events Center looks ahead towards the next few years, we are confident that the Iowa Events Center will continue to thrive as the premier meeting and event destination in the Midwest. Event levels have returned to pre-pandemic levels, revenues have increased through streamlined processes, and staffing has returned to full.

Over the next 12 months, our communications team will continue to find ways to increase the size of our databases and provide additional value to our databases. Another area of focus will be to enhance customer and partner communication, ensuring we tell our story of the amazing things happening at the Iowa Events Center.

With the closing of the Iowa Hall of Pride, our team will work with Polk County to determine the best use of that space that will enhance our meetings and conventions as we sell our space into the future. We will also continue strengthening our sales teams with Catch Des Moines, the Downtown Hilton, and the local hospitality teams to drive additional regional and national business to Central Iowa.

A continued focus will be on maximizing the community partnerships. Community programs such as our food rescue partners at Eat Greater Des Moines, our sensory inclusive space with Please Pass the Love, our partnership with the Community Love Events Foundation, and more will continue to grow as our internal Charity Committee looks for additional opportunities for us to partner with Central Iowa organizations.