Statement of Purpose

The Iowa Events Center is the premier convention and live entertainment facility in the Midwest, combining state-of-the-art facilities with a professional, energetic staff that works hard to execute successful events and lifelong memories to all citizens of Iowa. Hosting events that range from family shows to concerts, sporting events to trade shows and conventions, the facilities serve an integral role in boosting tourism and local traffic to restaurants, retail, and hotels in Polk County.

The Iowa Events Center is managed by Spectra, an industry leader in hosting and entertainment, partnering with clients to create memorable experiences for millions of visitors every year. Spectra’s unmatched blend of integrated services delivers incremental value for clients through several primary areas of expertise: Venue Management, Food Services& Hospitality, and Partnerships.
Spectra, under the direction of our client, Polk County, is committed to being a civic leader in the Greater Des Moines area by providing a first-class operation of the Iowa Events Center and by being active community partners with area businesses,
not-for-profits, and community groups. The local Spectra team recognizes that the most efficient way to do this is by taking an active leadership role within community organizations, operating the Iowa Events Center with a fiscal-savvy approach, and by providing clean, safe facilities with exceptional customer service.

Message from

I am pleased to present our Iowa Events Center FY-2021 Annual Report. This past fiscal year presented us with the daunting challenge of continuing to facilitate the coordination of events while placing a primary focus on the health and safety of all our staff, meeting planners/promoters, and patrons. While certainly not a typical year in terms of the volume of events, we were still able to successfully host over 200 events at the Iowa Events Center in FY-2021. Our Spectra staff did an amazing job navigating through the ever-changing COVID-19 protocols while continuing to push forward and operate at a high-level despite being significantly undermanned for most of the year. I’m so proud of our entire staff for all of their hard work and dedication in leading us through some extremely difficult circumstances!
Although we were not able to achieve our standard financial success in FY-2021 due to the negative impact of COVID-19, there were several noteworthy highlights including hosting the Nike AAU Youth Basketball Tournament in all of Hy-Vee Hall and Wells Fargo Arena, two televised PBR shows, a two-week run of Disney on Ice and the U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. Annual Convention—which was our first large conference back in the convention center since the start of the pandemic. In addition, event organizers who booked their meetings, conventions and trade shows at the Iowa Events Center once again provided Spectra with high marks through Customer Satisfaction Surveys, averaging 4.83 out of 5.
As we look forward to the next fiscal year, we are excited to begin hosting live concerts again in Wells Fargo Arena as well as some regional and national conventions in Hy-Vee Hall and Community Choice Convention Center. We will continue to work closely with Catch Des Moines and the Hilton Des Moines Downtown to attract new business to the Iowa Events Center.

Lastly, on behalf of Spectra and our entire Iowa Events Center staff, I would like to thank the Polk County Board of Supervisors and their staff as they have been with us every step of the way providing constant support, leadership, and guidance throughout some truly challenging times!

Regarding Spectra Venue Management: the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau is responsible for marketing the Greater Des Moines region including the Iowa Events Center to convention and event organizations. These organizations generate significant room nights for the hotel community, and provide substantial economic impact for local businesses, particularly those that meet the needs of travelers.

Every opportunity to bring events and conventions to Greater Des Moines is an opportunity to grow our local economy. The Iowa Events Center facility and team helps make a positive impact on the entire community through joint efforts to book and host events and meetings.

One of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic was the hospitality and tourism industry. Despite the down turn together, our teams continued to strategically market and find creative ways to safely host meetings and events at the Community Choice Convention Center, Hy-Vee Hall, Wells Fargo Arena, and the attached Hilton Des Moines Downtown. More than 50 events hosted at the Iowa Events Center this past year collectively generated more than $25 million in economic impact to the Greater Des Moines region.

Our teams worked to rebook events and find new dates for meetings that were cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic as well as continued to book new business for the future.
Over the fiscal year, we booked 18 events that will be hosted in the future at the Iowa Events Center, A sample of these events include:
• BBI-International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (July 2021 — 2,115 room nights)
• USA Gymnastics Championships (June 2022 — 3,945 room nights)
• American Association of Meat Processors (July 2022 — 1,285 room nights)
• National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (September 2023 — 1,595 room nights)

Each event and room night brings visitor dollars into Greater Des Moines, supporting local businesses like hotels, restaurants, attractions, retail and more. The Iowa Events Center and
Catch Des Moines’ partnership is more important than ever as we strive to keep demand throughout the city high to rebuild the hospitality and tourism industry and revitalize our economy together.

Our collaboration with Spectra Venue Management and the Iowa Events Center team has proven to be invaluable. We are proud to have the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines!
Polk County is proud to continue our partnership with Spectra to manage the Iowa Events Center facilities in Des Moines, Iowa, which includes Wells Fargo Arena, Hy-Vee Hall, and the Community Choice Convention Center at Veterans Memorial. The previous five years have brought unprecedented profits from the Iowa Events Center. However, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic brought unique challenges to Spectra and the entertainment industry.

Entertainment plays a critical role in all of our lives and the impact of COVID-19 was felt throughout our community. In the face of cancelled events, difficult staffing decisions, and new operations to ensure social distancing, Spectra remained a leader in our community. They made fiscally responsible decisions while participating in campaigns to help support the COVID-19 response. As vaccination has become more widespread we are thrilled to see activity start again at the Iowa Events Center. Spectra continues to balance the expenses of ramping their operations up again to fit the current level of business.

The partnership between Polk County and Spectra continues to be a valued asset for Polk County tax payers and we are grateful for their work and expertise.


Spectra is excited to be “Together Again” with our clients, vendors, and attendees. We are committed to working with each event organizer on a specific plan for their event that follows guidelines to allow each event to take place in a manner that is safe for the staff and attendees. While it is impossible to eliminate all risks of COVID-19 while attending an event, Spectra is confident we have mitigated many risks and can provide a clean, safe environment at the Iowa Events Center.

As of June 1, 2021, events at Wells Fargo Arena, Community Choice Convention Center, and Hy-Vee Hall were allowed to be held at full capacity, subject to each event planner’s policies.

covid response initiatives

part-time employee experience

On April 8, 2021, we provided a free curbside meal pick-up for any part-time staff who had worked over the past year. This included operations, engineering, box office, parking, guest services, F&B, and CSC Security. This was a free meal for two per employee to thank them for their hard work, their flexibility, and continued support over the last year.
We served almost 300 meals total and had representation from all part-time departments. The Directors were present and handed out the food to the staff and were able to provide in-person, masked thank you's as well. This was well received by the staff and we are looking at opportunities to do this on an annual basis.

to-go meals
We provided over 7,200 to go meals for our clients which included gala pick-ups, holiday party drop-offs, cookie boxes for holiday gifts, and welcome back to the office boxed lunches. In addition to supporting our clients, we also created take away boxes for our guests including meals, signature cocktails, holiday charcuterie boxes, and cookie kits.

ronald mcdonald house suite gala
We hosted our first suite gala, allowing each suite to be a “table” and people comfortably keeping distance while raising much needed funds for the Ronald McDonald House.

culinary experience packages
We auctioned off two in-home culinary experience packages as a part of the Make-A-Wish Gala, raising over $20,000 for Make-A-Wish.

Our Team


Chris Connolly—General Manager

Carrie Jackson—AGM, Director of Sales

Ryan Ziegler—AGM, Arena

Derek Hickey—District General Manager

Ali Brackett—AGM, Director of Catering

convention sales

Carrie Jackson—AGM, Director of Sales

Janelle Menz

Carrie Petersen 

Jessica Van Sloten


Ryan Ziegler—AGM, Arena

Carrie Jackson—AGM, Arena

Haleigh Biancalana—Director of Events

Matt Cushman

Lyndsey Lomelino

Zach Lough

Courtney Vitale

finance & hr

Diane Frischmeyer—Director of Finance

Andrew Dobraska

Lisa Givens

Tim Smith


Adam Flack—Regional Marketing Director

Viki Arias Kepler

Jackie Mabe

Elly Simpson

premium partnerships

Laurie Kemmit—Regional VP of Partnerships

Jason Evans

ticket office

Ryan Ziegler—AGM, Arena

Jake Reichling

Brandon Ortale


Ryan Ziegler—AGM, Arena

Jason Smith—Director of Operations

Harold Peterson

Alex Abrahamson

Dennis Ashby

Jim Bacon

Marlon Ballentine

Steve Carlson

Gary Colby

Brian Cooper

Kyle Disney

Steve Franz

Mark Gamble

Tom Hines

AJ Johnson

Jeff Kling

Jeff Lindquist

Meghan Peterson

Mike Stanley

food & beverage

Derek Hickey—District General Manager

Ali Brackett—AGM, Director of Catering

Chad Vander Ploeg—Executive Chef

Jonathan Cook

Calli Crew 

Mark Kehert

Jeff Maynes 

Raul Murillo

Adam Shepard

Facility Projects


We purchased touchless pedestal scanners mainly for Wells Fargo Arena ticketed events, however we will also utilize them if needed at our Convention Centers. Patrons can now self-scan themselves into an event which eliminates the exchange of hard tickets with a staff member scanning them in. These also reduce the number of staff members needed at each entrance.

Cooling tower #3:

We replaced the bearings and gear box following a vibration analysis performed on cooling tower #3, to prevent further damage.

Hy-vee hall rtu vfd's:

We replaced two variable frequency drives on our roof top units at Hy-Vee Hall.

Hy-vee hall rtu #2
and other rtu's:

We replaced compressors, contactors, fuses, filters, and the crank case heater and added refrigerant to the 15 year old roof top unit. The remaining 10 roof top units had minor repairs and upgrades completed.

Safety items around facility:

We added a key fob to our southwest service elevator in Community Choice Convention Center to secure our mechanical room. The security command center window was replaced to allow for a safer environment for CSC staff.

Retune boiler #3

Boiler #3 had 182 tubes replaced and the internal shell was flushed to remove scale and sediment.

Daktronics Speaker
Array Mounting:

Daktronics remounted our Wells Fargo Arena speakers to allow them to swivel for concert rigging purposes.

ice plant air separator
and ice compressor:

The Wells Fargo Arena ice plant air separator and one of the four ice compressors were replaced before hockey season.

hy-vee hall roof replacement:

Hopkins Roofing won the bid to replace the entire Hy-Vee Hall  roof. They started in late April and will be completed in early spring. The previous roof had many leaks and was deteriorating very quickly.

Green initiatives

21 tons

paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum recycled

3 tons

food composted

24 tons

materials diverted from landfills


of all waste recycled/composted

Project Evaluation

As a result of our Retro-Commissioning study and implementing energy saving opportunities we avoided energy costs of approximately $98,180 this year for a
total of $487,378 over the past 4 years.

0 ($260,230) $169,705 - - ($90,525) ($90,525) ($90,525)
1 ($155,080) $45,675 $154,062 $169,454 $44,657 $60,049 ($45,868)
2 - - $191,085 $56,011 $191,085 $56,011 $145,217
3 - - $196,818 $163,733 $196,818 $163,733 $342,035
4 - - $202,722 $98,180 $202,722 $98,180 $544,757
5 - - $208,804 $208,804 $208,804 $208,804 $753,560
6 - - $215,068 $215,068 $215,068 $215,068 $968,628
7 - - $221,520 $221,520 $221,520 $221,520 $1,190,148
8 - - $228,165 $228,165 $228,165 $228,165 $1,418,314
9 - - $235,010 $235,010 $235,010 $235,010 $1,653,324
10 - - $242,061 $242,061 $242,061 $242,061 $1,895,385

hy-vee hall & community choice convention center

Level 1: Meeting Room Level

· Eight flexible meeting rooms

· Connected to Iowa Hall of Pride

Level 2: exhibition level

· Hall A, B and C: 150,00 sq. ft. connected

· 24,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space

· 11 loading bays

· Business Center

· Drive-on access

Level 3: Meeting Room Level

· 21 flexible meeting rooms

· 23,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space

· Eight HD projectors displaying images and video on Grand Concourse air walls

· Veterans Memorial Hall (a museum quality exhibit paying tribute to Iowa Veterans who have served the United States during each international conflict since Iowa’s statehood in 1846)

mezzanine level

· Four boardrooms

· Views of Grand Concourse and Veterans Memorial Hall

level 4: ballroom Level

· State’s largest ballroom (28,000 sq. ft)

· 1 million lighting combinations

· 14,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space

· Two meeting rooms

· Two green rooms


· Networked for Wi-Fi

· Audio & Visual Services by preferred vendor, Markey’s Rental & Staging

· Catering offered exclusively by Spectra Food Services & Hospitality

· The Exhibition Level is ideal to host large shows such as the Ag Expo
and Des Moines Home + Garden Show

Des Moines Home + Garden show

Typically held in February, this event was postponed to
March 25–28, 2021. Nearly 10,000 people attended
the four-day event.

dew tour

The Olympic-qualifying event was held at Lauridsen Skate Park in
June 2021. The Iowa Events Center hosted their meetings, staff meals, and other ancillary events.

Food Truck Thursdays

Self-produced food truck events held in our parking lot in September and October 2020. The events supported and promoted local bands as well as local food trucks.


Six weddings were hosted at the Iowa Events Center in 2020–2021. Our large event space gave us the flexibility to space out guests to accommodate weddings and receptions.

Iowa Deer Classic

An annual event that was held March 5–7, 2021, with an attendance exceeding 12,000. The event was held with mask recommendations and was one of our first 100% capacity trade shows.

Nike tournament of champions

The three weekend event took place in July 2020 and utilized
both Hy-Vee Hall (eight courts) and Wells Fargo Arena (4 courts).
Over 150 games were played over the course of three weeks.
The All-Iowa Attack, a local basketball club in Ames, partnered
with us on the event and have since hosted other tournaments
at the Iowa Events Center

Wells Fargo Arena

Level 2: Main concourse

· Coors Light Club Lounge

· 630 Club Seats

· 20 Loge Boxes

Level 3: Suite Level

· 39 newly remodeled Luxury Suites

· Ketel One Bar in the Willis Auto Lounge

· Templeton Distillery at The Fort

· The Loft — arena bowl premium rental space

Level 4: Upper concourse

· Press Box seating

· Hall of Fame Suite


· 17,000-seat capacity Arena

· Home to the Iowa Barnstormers, Iowa Wild and Iowa Wolves

· 360° curtain system along with a half-house curtain

nursing mother's room

This summer we enhanced our Nursing Mother’s area in the Wells Fargo Arena First Aid room.
While this has always been the location for nursing mothers, we decided to enhance the room
creating two areas of privacy with comfortable seating. This enhancement has been
well received by our mothers in attendance and we are looking at providing
something similar in our other buildings.

PBR Built ford tough series

The event took place September 19–20 and was the first ticketed event in the arena since March 2020. Masks were required of all attendees and tickets were sold in pods of two, three, or four seats.

disney on ice

The annual event extended their stay to two weeks. Seats for the event were sold in pods of two, three, or four seats. Rather than the traditional nine performances, there were 16 performances.

iowa barnstormers

The season was delayed and began on May 22, 2020, with limited attendance and the season extended into August 2021.

monster jam

The event took place April 16–18 and broke attendance and gross sales records with over 18,000 in attendance across five shows.

Iowa Wild

The season was delayed and began on February 5, 2021, with limited attendance. No fans were seated directly behind player benches and no ice suites were sold due to a required buffer between the ice and fans. 

Des Moines buccaneers

The Des Moines Buccaneers played the beginning half of their season at Wells Fargo Arena due to Derecho damage at their home arena. Pod seating was in effect and masks were required. From October–November, Wells Fargo Arena hosted the games in a team effort with the Iowa Wild.

state wrestling & girl/boy state basketball

Each event was held to limited attendance and reserved pod seating
was required. Tickets were valid for individual games, rather than
sessions as in previous years. The arena was cleared out after each
game for sufficient cleaning. Historically, State Wrestling Finals has
sold out with the crowd size exceeding 13,000. In 2021, attendance
was limited to half the capacity of the arena.

Tenant teams

The Iowa Wild started their 2020–2021 season on February 5, 2021, which was the first home game since February 25, 2020. The team was slated to play a shortened season of 34 games due to the global pandemic, with an even split of home and road games. The Wild ended their season 17–13–4–0 and due to the pandemic,
the AHL was not able to conduct
traditional Calder Cup Playoffs.

In December of 2020, John Pettit fell ill and passed away due to COVID-19 complications. It is certain that he will be sorely missed by the Barnstormers family, but in honor of continuing his legacy, operations will stay in the family as
Juli Pettit steps into the role of
General Manager. The Barnstormers
home opener at Wells Fargo Arena was
on May 22 and their season will conclude
at home on August 14.

The NBA G League announced in March that the league would play a truncated
2021 season at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida because of health and safety considerations given the global pandemic. Due to this decision, no games were held at Wells Fargo Arena.
The Wolves finished 2–13.

remembering john pettit

John Pettit, the Iowa Barnstormers’ COO and Vice President, died from complications of COVID-19 on December 24, 2020. John was involved with Wells Fargo Arena since the venue opened in 2005, serving first as General Manager of the Iowa Stars AHL Hockey franchise. He then in 2008 returning as the General Manager of the Iowa Barnstormers as Jeff Lamberti and the ownership group revitalized the franchise to play at the arena.

John was active in the community through his work with the Barnstormers, developing tremendous relationships with non-profits and the local corporate community. John took particular pride in developing theme nights for the Barnstormers, including the highly attended Military Night, which was annually the largest attended regular season game. John was instrumental in the Barnstormers moving to the IFL back in 2015 and saw the team win the league championship in 2018. John was inducted into the IFC Hall of Fame in 2021.

After John’s death, his daughter, Juli Pettit took over as General Manager for the Barnstormers and continues to lead the team.

“John was a respected leader and a friend who had a great
passion for helping organizations throughout Central Iowa.

I appreciated John’s vast knowledge of the sports and
entertainment industry, but more than that, I appreciated how
John cared for the people close to him; his family, his friends,
and everyone associated with the Barnstormers organization.”


summary of accomplishments

able to retain
and sell
In gross revenue
we saw an
in the amount of
rental revenue over FY-19
In suite rental revenue
with five new advertisers

soy innovation award winner 2021

Chad Vander Ploeg—Executive Chef

Iowa Restaurant Association—Dine Iowa Culinary Competition

40 Women to watch in hospitality

Ali Brackett—AGM, Director of Catering

Iowa Restaurant Association

social media


Total database

includes social media, text club and
cyber club/group sales email lists



(60 followers gained)



(138 followers gained)





(1,035 followers gained)



(57 followers lost)



(22 followers gained)



(548 followers lost)

cyber club

212,796 Subscribers

Group sales

250,000 Subscribers

text club

2,436 Subscribers

wells fargo arena
top post
wells fargo arena
top post

sensory inclusive initiative

As of the summer of 2021, we are excited to share that all three buildings within the Iowa Events Center are officially certified through KultureCity as Sensory Inclusive™. We are the first live event and entertainment facility of our kind to be certified in the state of Iowa. We are thrilled to be able to add this as another way to service our guests.

Over the past year, the Iowa Events Center has taken steps to increase the fan experience of all who walk through our doors. We worked with the company KultureCity to create the best experience for fans with sensory needs. Our full-time staff, including members of all three tenant teams took part in the Sensory Inclusive™ training, and signage has been placed around the facility to note quiet areas, headphone zones, and more to help our guests with sensory needs feel welcome and comfortable in our facility.

Along with the training and signage, we also have sensory bags available for guests. Sensory bags can be checked out at our Guests Services Office in Wells Fargo Arena or at the Administration Office in Hy-Vee Hall. These bags include headphones, a communication card, fidget toys, and a lanyard. Guests are able to check these out for the duration of their event to help assist them with any sensory overload or other reasons for use.

We also worked alongside local non-profit Please Pass the Love to create a sensory room in Wells Fargo Arena as an additional way to service guests with sensory needs. This room, located on the main concourse will be completed in October 2021 and staff to host an open house to celebrate.

Financial Performance

July 1, 2020-june 30, 2021

NUMBER OF EVENTS 85 118 (33) 130 243 (113)
ATTENDANCE 238,156 586,595 (348,439) 167,108 345,813 (178,705)
NET RENTAL INCOME $1,025,269 $1,400,181 ($374,912) $1,005,652 $1,902,477 ($896,825)
NET SERVICE INCOME (LOSS) ($946,463) ($1,050,597) $104,134 ($66,851) ($131,032) $64,181
DIRECT EVENT INCOME $78,806 $349,584 ($270,778) $938,801 $1,771,445 ($832,644)
NET SURCHARGE/COMMISSION REVENUE $296,995 $958,237 ($661,242) $33,577 $71,083 ($37,506)
NET ANCILLARY INCOME $926,554 $1,827,738 ($901,184) $1,525,417 $4,834,135 ($3,308,718)
NET EVENT OPERATING INCOME $1,302,355 $3,135,559 ($1,833,204) $2,497,795 $6,676,663 ($4,178,868)
TOTAL INDIRECT EXPENSES $3,053,154 $4,966,458 $1,913,304 $4,792,507 $7,986,372 $3,193,865
OTHER INCOME $2,093,565 $3,087,186 ($993,621) $703,859 $433,296 $270,563
NET BUILDING OPERATING INCOME/(LOSS) $342,766 $1,256,287 ($913,521) ($1,590,853) ($876,413) ($714,440)

Market Segment

wells fargo arena

There were no concerts held in FY-21 due to the pandemic.

The Sports category included 15 Des Moines Buccaneers games, 17 Iowa Wild games, 3 Iowa Barnstormers games, State Wrestling, Girls’ State Basketball, Boys’ State Basketball and AAU Wrestling.

Family shows included 16 Disney on Ice performances, 5 Monster Jam performances, 2 PBR performances, and 2 World’s Toughest Rodeo performances.

We also hosted 13 Special Events which included Iowa State Dance & Drill.

Hy-vee Hall & COmmunity choice Convention Center

The Special Events category accounted for 46% of our event mix, 40% of our gross revenues, and 40% of our net income. During the pandemic, sporting events, dance competitions, gymnastics, wrestling, and volleyball continued to move forward and helped us with our overall bottom line.

client testimonials

Blank Children’s Festival of Trees & Lights is the kick off to the Holiday Season in Central Iowa and fills the Convention Center with thousands of guests over the Thanksgiving week. The pandemic prevented us from hosting our usual event but we worked closely with the Iowa Events Center team to create an amazing meal for our virtual Gala. Over 300 meals were picked up to enjoy at home while watching the first and only virtual Festival Gala. The Team worked really hard to help us make our event a success. We raised over $550,000 net to support Child Life and Center for Advocacy & Outreach at Blank Children’s Hospital. We look forward to being in person in 2021.
Blank Children's Festival of Trees
We are grateful for the many years of partnership and the agility to navigate collectively during this moment in time together. The team at the Iowa Events Center graciously helped to create an impactful, creative experience while helping us to raise critical funds impacting Iowan’s health.
American Heart Association
Client Surveys

Clients were asked a series of questions to rate their overall event experience. The results of the survey are based on 29 responses with a combined overall score of 4.83 out of 5.

Some highlights included:

Staff Committees

Charity Committee

Over the past year, the Charity Committee donated a monetary value of $34,098 to various charities and organizations across the state of Iowa.

One highlight was the Hy-Vee vaccine site that took place in the convention center over two dates in April. Each day, Hy-Vee distributed 3,000 doses of the vaccine to community members, which also included many of our staff. The two date rentals—including set up days—were donated to 

Hy-Vee on behalf of the Iowa Events Center in support of the cause and community outreach.

This year, the committee was able to hear of the financial impact of the live auction experiences and ticket packages that were purchased for the Make-A-Wish Iowa Gala in May of 2021. The Food and Beverage team graciously donated two In-Home Chef Experiences that included Iowa Events Center chefs to come and cook in the purchaser’s home for up to ten guests. Make-A-Wish Iowa also purchased two premium ticket packages for Alan Jackson, which included all you can eat and drink. Between the four items, a total of $44,000 was raised for the charity, resulting in nearly three children that will have their wishes granted due to products received by the Iowa Events Center.

diversity, Equity, and inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been dedicated to educating and promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion among the staff at the Iowa Events Center. They have generated relevant content for the Iowa Events Center monthly newsletters, created skywalk signage promoting events such as Black History Month and Pride Month, scheduled workshops with local leaders and identified volunteer opportunities to help support the community.

Virtual workshops were made available where staff listened and interacted with speakers such as Wayne Ford and Rudy Simms. Both speakers delivered powerful messages, helped raise awareness of particular social injustices and provided sound ideas on how to be more diversified and inclusive.

The committee along with other Iowa Events Center and Iowa Wild staff volunteered at Capital City Pride’s “Night at the Zoo.” The team had a great time helping and will continue to search for other ways to participate in community events.

future Outlook

As Spectra looks ahead towards the July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022 fiscal year, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave the live meetings and events industry in an unpredictable space. While it is encouraging that Feld Entertainment, PBR, and other live event producers have found ways to get their events back on the road, the concert industry is still working to develop tours in an ever-changing climate of municipalities loosening restrictions, pulling back and increasing restrictions, and in some cases opening fully.

The end of this fiscal year showed that the calendar for the next 12 months will improve over this fiscal year, and Spectra predicts that live events for Wells Fargo Arena will come back due to conversations we have had with Live Nation and other promoters. The in-person meeting and convention industry will take longer to come back to pre-pandemic levels, but local and regional businesses have increased their bookings headed into this next year.

With the advances in technology that the pandemic has helped usher in—including contactless concessions and digital tickets—consumer analytics will improve to allow Spectra to focus on improving and maximizing customer satisfaction at events.